By Ben Sin
March 19, 2014

With the 30th edition of Wrestlemania a couple weeks away and the recent launch of the WWE Network, 2014 is looking like a banner year for the company. Adding to the the good vibes is the upcoming release of a book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company. Last week, to stoke interest that was already going to border on rapid among WWE faithful, a trailer of the tome hit YouTube.

It does its job.

Written by New York Times-bestselling author Kevin Sullivan (not to be confused with the former wrestler and booker—aka the guy who crafts WWE storylines—of the same name), the book will apparently span the entire history of the company. (Or almost the entire history, as a certain former champion will surely be erased from history).

According to official press kit, topics covered include:

• The split from the National Wrestling Alliance.

• Controversial figures and events from all eras.

• National expansion and the perilous risk involved.

• The legal and financial strife that nearly devastated WWE.

• Triumph in the Monday Night Wars.

• Innovations of WrestleMania, Raw, SmackDown, Survivor Series, and more

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