By Andy Gray
March 21, 2014

NFL Portraits

Several people emailed requesting that I lead Hot Clicks with something non-tournament related. Hopefully this collection of NFL portraits over the years will do the trick.

Tournament Leftovers

As of this moment (2:46 p.m., Friday), Mercer guard Kevin Canevari is the tournament MVP because of this postgame celebration dance ... Despite the loss, Duke is still 16.2 times more influential than Mercer ... Delaware coach Monte Ross missed a good luck call from Joe Biden because he didn't recognize the area code on his cell ... Actor Rob Lowe is pulling for basketball player Rob Loe ... The local newspaper of every school that advanced in the tournament, None of which was better than Dayton's ... Jim Calhoun is interested in the Boston College coaching job.

Totally Worth It

The Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs, an affiliate of the Washington Nationals, are offering lifetime season tickets to anyone who gets the team's logo tattooed on their body.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Lindsay Ellingson remains the most underrated Victoria's Secret model ... Margot Robbie continues to impress ... The 101 hottest celebrity Instagram photos of the week ... Elle Johnson is excited about Michigan ... Brittney Palmer has a new photo shoot out for Fitness Gurls.

I Demand a Recount

I try to keep Hot Clicks a politics-free zone but San Diego State student Luke Dzierzanowski should've won a seat on the student government. Did you see his campaign video?

Uh Oh

The dreaded MRSA bacteria, which invaded the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' locker room last season, may have found a new home with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Rule

Odds and Ends

The first two posters for the Dumb and Dumber sequel are out ... Tennis' best tweets of the week ... A detailed look at Jim Buss' tenure with the Lakers ... Merrill Hoge was not happy about a tweet sent out from ESPN ... Under Armour can't be pleased with the Edmonton Oilers right now ... Tony Parker purchased a pro basketball team in his native France ... The James Harden Illustrated is tremendous ... Previously unreleased photos of Kurt Cobain's house after his suicide.

Dancing Goalie Video of the Day

Andrew Loewen, a backup goalie for the Columbus Cottonmouths of the Southern Professional Hockey League, gets his groove on during intermission.

One Shining Moment (2003)

Carmelo Anthony and Syracuse celebrate the national title.

Crime Time

SI Swimsuit models confess which crime they would commit of they could get away with it.

[si_cvp_video id="video_63D55DE6-DE86-4B0A-6D38-DAEB6E5650AB"]

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