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Obama Masterfully Spun a Question about Basketball into an Obamacare Plug

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The POTUS became the first “verified” user on the Q&A site Quora yesterday when he took the digital stage to answer questions on the Affordable Care Act as the March 31 sign up deadline looms near.

But, being a widely known diehard basketball fan, it wasn’t long before a someone asked the President a basketball question: “What’s it like to play basketball with President Obama?”

Ever the skilled politician, Obama answered the question briefly before tying it straight into a plug for Obamacare:

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My hair's getting grayer, but I'd like to think I've still got a decent jump shot.

And whenever I play pickup games with my staff or friends and family, I make sure they know not to go easy on me. A couple of years ago, I got elbowed in the lip pretty hard and needed 12 stitches, so even the President isn't immune to injuries.

But in all seriousness, nearly 2 million Americans went to the emergency room last year because of a sports-related injury, so I can't overstate how important it is for everyone -- and especially athletes -- to make sure they've got health insurance.

recent study shows that a broken arm could cost the average person nearly $7,700 if they're uninsured. A sprained ankle could cost you $2,290 without insurance. So, this is a big deal if you take a hard hit.

If you or someone you know needs health insurance, go to to check out your options and enroll in a health insurance plan that makes sense for you and your family. A lot of folks qualify for lower-cost coverage: six in ten uninsured Americans may get covered for $100 a month or less, and even more people qualify for tax subsidies.

Again, the deadline to enroll for this year is March 31st, so make sure you check it out this week. You've got just six days left.

As for Obama’s game, Kobe Bryant thinks the POTUS can make the Lakers’s current roster. Whether this is a praise or a diss (the Lakers are bad, and Kobe, ever the awesome teammate, has been laughing at them) is up for debate.