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High School Basketball Player Stripped of 'Player of the Year' Award after Tweet

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Pat Welch going for the jumper

Pat Welch going for the jumper

A New Hampshire high school player was stripped of his Division II Player of the Year award and invitation to a pair of postseason all-star games after sending an obscene, trash-talking tweet.

Pat Welch posted the following tweet on March 15, a couple hours after he scored 15 points to lead Pembroke Academy to a second consecutive state title win.

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He deleted the tweet within 15 minutes, but alas, screencaps had already been taken, emails already sent.

Pembroke Academy coach Matt Alosa has defended his player, saying the punishment is too severe.

That may be the case, but Welch’s tweet, especially that hashtag, is very classless, and at least one commenter here says Welch has had a history of over-the-line trash talking.

This is the second high-school-basketball-players-tweeting-very-offensive-things-after-a-win incident this month.

Come on kids, learn sportsmanship.