16 Odd Comic Book Covers of Batman and Superman Playing Sports

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Though Marvel’s heroes are dominating the world box offices today, the most beloved superheroes worldwide (and best at baseball) are still Batman and Superman. This year marks the Caped Crusader’s 75th anniversary, so why not take a look back at all the different sports the Dark Knight and his pals have participated through the years?

In the earlier cases presented here -- i.e. the World's Finest covers -- Batman (along with Superman and Robin) don’t actually play any sports in the books. Since both the Dynamic Duo and the Man of Steel appeared in every issue, but didn't actually meet in the comics until much later in Superman #76, DC tasked the cover artists with depicting the three characters together in a whimsical, unrelated scene kids would enjoy (often sports).

The later, stranger covers here, in which Batman and Superman each participate in the "Interplanetary Olympics," are just a byproduct of the Silver Age of comics, which was just plain weird. Like, weird: