By Ben Sin
April 07, 2014


EA Sports has unveiled its much-hyped hidden character for its new UFC video game, EA Sports UFC, and it is none other than martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

Though Lee never participated in the octagon, his "Jeet Kune Do" (Cantonese for "art of the intercepting fist") form of martial arts is widely considered to be one of the earliest forms of mixed martial arts.

The game's creative director, Brian Hayes, explained the reasoning behind putting the late Hong Kong superstar on EA's official website:

Why Bruce?

I feel like this is the most ridiculous question. Why put Bruce Lee in a UFC game? It’s. Bruce. Lee…

You have the premier organization in the fastest growing sport in the world, the UFC; and the most iconic martial artist in the history of the world, Bruce Lee – a martial artist renowned for his philosophies that laid the groundwork for modern mixed martial arts. I can’t conceive of a universe where bringing these two things together doesn’t make sense. I know there are going to be countless fans that feel the exact same way and they will be eager play with such a legend in the UFC Octagon. I am one of them.

Players can unlock Lee in flyweight, bantam weight, featherweight, and lightweight divisions by finishing the game's career mode on "Pro" difficulty or higher.

EA Sports UFC

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