By Jeremy Woo
April 24, 2014

The cake's fate was similar to that of the Cubs. (Reddit) The cake's fate was similar to that of the Cubs. (Reddit)

Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of storied Wrigley Field, and the Chicago Cubs brought out a 400 pound replica cake to commemorate their beloved park. The four-by-five foot cake, created by Carlo's Bakery (yes, the one from Cake Boss) was put on display for all to see. It took four people six days to complete the unique dessert, complete with lights and scoreboard.

MLB on SI: A National Treasure, Wrigley Field Turns 100 Years Old

The Cubs, in classic Cub fashion, imploded. The bullpen allowed five runs to the Diamondbacks in the ninth inning, blowing what would have been a heartwarming victory on the birthday of Chicago's historic stadium. After nearly 106 frustrating years since the team's last world championship, perhaps it was fitting.

The team threw away not only the game, but the cake, which was supposed to be displayed later that evening at the Cubs' annual charity event at the Field Museum. It wound up on a forklift somewhere on the neighboring streets, with lights and foul poles strewn onto the field and the scoreboard nowhere to be found.

(Reddit) The aftermath. (Reddit)

And then it wound up in a dumpster.

Reddit user ChewysDingleberrys (who has since deleted his account) posted these photos of the aftermath of the cake, which was never destined to be eaten.

No word on if Sammy Sosa, who notably didn't get an invite to the Cubs' festivities, had anything to do with this.

The aftermath. (Reddit) All that was missing was Steve Bartman. (Reddit)

UPDATE: Red Eye Chicago has posted this statement from the Cubs:

"The Chicago Cubs are disappointed in how our Wrigley Field display cake was disposed by the Field Museum following our successful charity event. The team made a decision not to serve the edible portion after the cake was on display outside Wrigley Field for most of the day. Though the cake was mostly made up of non-edible material, it certainly does not excuse how a celebratory cake artfully created by Buddy Valastro and Carlo’s Bakery was handled."



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