By Chris Mascaro
May 05, 2014

Yes! And it counts! Turns out catchphrases can get you some nice things, including a 3,553-square-foot duplex in New York City.

Marv Albert, the renowned NBA and NFL broadcaster, bought his penthouse apartment in 1996 for $2.393 million and it went on the market on Monday, according to, for $16.5 million.

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The house features a 1,500-square-foot terrace, complete with an irrigation system, a retractable awning, lighting and speakers. The interior of the house is just as awesome -- there's even a TV in one of the bathroom mirrors, so Albert never has to stop commentating.

Eagles singer Timothy Schmit bought an apartment in the building last year for $3.2 million for a two-bedroom unit, but prices can change in a New York minute.


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