By Ben Sin
May 06, 2014

Artist Luke Jerram Creates A 90 Meter Waterslide In Bristol City Center

The Brits have already gotten a jump start on summer. An artist named Luke Jerram has built a 300-feet water slide down Park Street in Bristol, England.

The slide's barriers were made of over 300 small bales of hay, and dishwashing liquid was used on the tarps to ensure a smooth slide. 

[vimeo 93914669 w=600 h=338]

Jerram, speaking to BBC, said he got the idea for the slide when he saw old photos of children playing on Park Street, before the street's development into one of the more busier streets in England. Its hilly setup made it an ideal for slides.

He needed to raise funds and government approval to build the slide, and the fact he got both is a sign that the Brits do indeed know their fun.

The street was closed off for the giant water ride this past Sunday, where 360 people -- including, apparently, Peter Parker -- out of over 100,000 applicants got to ride down the thing.


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