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Baby Pandas Will Be Used to Predict World Cup Results

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Remember the brouhaha surrounding a German octopus -- named Paul -- who correctly predicted the outcome of eight games, including the championship, during the 2010 World Cup? Not to be outdone this year, China will unleash a group of baby pandas to predict the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.

The group of one and two-year-old pandas will do so by picking food from a choice of baskets and climbing trees at a panda breeding base in the Sichuan district, according to reports by Chinese state media Xinhua.

This isn't the first time a country has tried to follow in Paul's success -- and subsequent fame. In the 2012 European Championships, India used an elephant named Citta to predict winners. But when most of her guesses were off the marks, Citta lost her status.

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The good news this time around is that, unlike Germany and India in 2010 and 2012, China has no team in the World Cup, hence the pandas should be more objective, without biases ... right?

Paul the Octopus/Getty Images

Paul the Octopus/Getty Images


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