Former Ohio State Cheerleader Banned From Doing Cartwheels

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If I learned one thing from the Bring It On sequels, it's that the Cheer Spirit never dies. It can, however, be quashed by humorless bureaucrats, as former Ohio State Buckeyes cheerleader Dianne Barker now knows all too well.

Barker, 65, a resident of Phoenix, was recently sent a letter by Maricopa Association of Government officials asking her to cease performing cartwheels during public meetings. According to officials, Barker's acrobatic displays of enthusiasm constituted a safety hazard:

"You have from time to time suggested that MAG cannot prevent you from performing cartwheels during your comments," the letter states. "That position is incorrect."

After initially protesting the request, Barker agreed to comply with the ban on cartwheels, although she said she's now trying to learn a backflip.