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Powerade Snaps Back at Gatorade, Sprite Joins In, Because Beverage Beef Isn't Stupid Enough Yet

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LeBron James didn’t cramp up last night, delivering a dominating 35 point, 10 rebound performance to lead his Heat to victory in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Of course, Powerade answered back with a tweet that indirectly referenced Gatorade’s infamous tweet during Game 1.

 Sprite, another beverage that LeBron endorses, saw an opening and joined the convo.

 Am I the only one who find this beverage social media spat extremely dumb? First of all, who even follows social media accounts of beverages? I get why we’d want to follow, say, Kobe Bryant on Twitter. Or the New York Times. Or parody accounts. But a drink? A can of soda? Why? Just so our feed can be filled with cliché marketing slogans that says nothing new? Am I supposed to see Gatorade or Powerade tweet a "Keep going. Never give up" tweet and feel better about myself?

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 Anyway, that beverages are trying to disparage or align themselves with LeBron’s basketball skills is the type of inane side effects of our current social media news cycle.

 Here’s a secret: when LeBron James plays well, it’s probably because he’s a very skilled basketball player, not because he drinks Powerade. Conversely, when LeBron’s leg muscles give out and shuts down, it’s because he’s an explosive athlete who’s overworked himself, not because he didn’t sip Gatorade.

 The latter, especially, has beenscientifically proven.

Let’s pay these lame PR stunts no mind, and just focus on the beautiful basketball being played.