Golf Cart Driver Arrested at U.S. Open for Hitting State Trooper

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The golf cart driver for NBC reporter Roger Maltbie was arrested at the U.S. Open on Saturday after running over the foot of a North Carolina state trooper.

After hitting the officer, the driver, Tommy Lineberry, tried to drive away, but he was chased down and apprehended. According to the AP report, that moment led to this glorious exchange:

An Associated Press reporter who witnessed the incident heard Lineberry tell the trooper, "I'm supposed to get the cart to Roger." "When a state trooper tells you to stop, THAT'S what you're supposed to do," the trooper responded, inches from Lineberry's face.

While the exact charges won't be made available until later today, my guess is Lineberry will be charged with first-degree Idiocy: Thinking A Golf Cart Is A Viable Escape Vehicle.