By Nicole Conlan
June 18, 2014

French forward Thierry Henry is pictured French forward Thierry Henry is pictured before the friendly football match Tunisia vs France at the 07 novembre stadium in Rades (SI|Getty)

If you've gone into a Best Buy (or basically anywhere) lately, you're probably familiar with Beats headphones, the expensive statement audio piece worn by cool kids and celebrities (the statement they're making is "I don't care about audio quality"). World soccer stars are not immune to the trend -- players like Neymar, Wayne Rooney, and Luis Suarez have all been spotted in the loud headphones (loud as in colorful -- in terms of audio, you don't want to turn them up too loud because that will make them sound worse).

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Unfortunately for these players, FIFA has banned the ubiquitous noise-makers from the World Cup. Soccer's governing body has a contract with Beats rival, Sony Corp, which prevents players from wearing other brands while at World Cup events.

But really, they should have banned Beats because they're just not very good headphones.



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