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Want to get out of work to watch USA/Germany? Jürgen Klinsmann's got you covered

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If the USA soccer team wins or draws in their showdown against Germany today, they'll advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup (which would be pretty impressive, considering that we only care about soccer every four years). 

U.S. coach Jürgen Klinsmann wants you to take the day off work to watch the game and support your country. Don't worry about getting fired, he's got you covered with this note. 

The note reads: "To whom it may concern... Please excuse ______ from work on Thursday, June 26th. I understand that this absence may reduce the productivity of your workplace, but I can assure you that it is for an important cause. The #USMNT has a critical World Cup game vs. Germany and we will need the full support of the nation if we are to advance to the next round. By the way, you should act like a good leader and take off as well. Go USA!"

So there you go, work can wait -- America needs you. 

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