By Andy Gray
July 15, 2014

Brent Musburger In Photos

I'm not sure what I can add about Brent Musburger at this point. He's an American legend. He led us to swimsuit model Katherine Webb. He wears a powder blue tuxedo and Amish-looking cowboy hat. Yup, the famed broadcaster attended a benefit in Montana over the weekend and dressed in his best baby blues. This inspired me to search through our archives for a look at Brent's best outfits, starting with the classic cowboy look.

Leftover World Cup Items

German players brought their A+ celebration game to today's festivities in Berlin ... The guy who invented the vanishing white line spray used on free kicks is going to be very rich soon ... Rihanna found her way into the middle of Germany's celebration, which I find very annoying for some reason ... The 15 best World Cup moments (hot female fan edition) ... Video: An animated look at the top World Cup moments (non-hot female fan edition)

MLB 2014 Mustache All-Stars

From Tim Lincecum's caterpillar to Carlos Villenueva's handlebars, Blue Jay Hunter takes a look at the 2014 Mustache All-Stars. 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Krystle Lina's photos made their way into my inbox and I am embarrassed we never featured her until today ... Nobody looks better swinging a baseball hat than Melanie Iglesias ... The 15 hottest MLB All-Star WAGs ... Nina Agdal worked out ... Ashley Skye posed for Terry Richardson ... Melina DiMarco should be on your radar.

Hot Clicks Giveaway: Derek Jeter All-Star T-Shirt

Derek Jeter is playing in his final All-Star game and our good friends at have given me a couple of t-shirts to give away. Here is a link to purchase the shirt. Jeter's merchandise, by the way, is up 850% over last season, so safe to say people are getting into the Farewell Tour. Anyhow, a t-shirt to the 25th and 50th person who emails me ( the name of the Lingerie Football League coach I featured in the video section of this morning's Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "Fanatics."

Update (5:24 p.m.): Contest is closed. Winners have been notified. More giveaways to come. Thanks!

You Will Regret This Tattoo

A Sixers fan got a 2015 NBA Champions tattoo on his backside. And yes, there's a photo. Hide the kids!

MLB Mascot Class Photo



Odds & Ends

Nobody runs the bases like Fat Joe ... An ode to pro wrestling jobbers of the 1980s (a.k.a. - The "Iron" Mike Sharpe all-stars) ... These Texas A&M fans enjoyed a Kyle Field wedding cake, and it's spectacular ... Chris Kluwe is planning to file a lawsuit against the Vikings over his release last season ... This is what The Rock ate to prepare for his role as Hercules ... AT&T Park is MLB's most vegan-friendly stadium ... This Comcast sales rep is reason alone not to use Comcast ... A day in the life of a NYC taxi, the mapped version ... In honor of Brooks Whelan, a look at how fired SNL cast fared after being fired ... Which Harry Potter character are you? (I love this one) ... A Connecticut man is in trouble with the law after carving his watermelon "in a passive-aggresive manner."

Undesirable Ballpark Giveaway

We visited a Lowell Spinners minor league baseball game and gave fans a bunch of lame stuff.

When Sprinklers Attack

A perfectly good Korean Baseball League game gets ruined by some rogue sprinklers. (H/T Holdout Sports)

Scenes From the 1965 All-Star Game

MLB uncovered some pretty cool footage from the 1965 All-Star Game

Musical Performance of the Day

David Lee Roth and Van Halen perform an acoustic version of Panama. 

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