Learn how to eat a sumo champion's 10,000 calorie-a-day diet

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Byamba Ulambayar is a 6'1", 360-pound sumo champion and to maintain that amount of size and strength he needs a lot of calories. Around 10,000 a day, he guesses, which is about five time the recommended 2,000 calorie diet.

Where does he get all those calories and nutrients needed to stay enormous? From a pretty delicious looking stew called chankonabe, or chanko, which is loaded with vegetable noodles, and of course plenty of meat and fish, to help build muscle after grueling sumo workouts.

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It must be a bit of a chore to get that much food down, and watching some of the slow-motion sumo action in the above video is not increasing anyones appetite. So much jiggling.


-Brendan Maloy