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Ray Allen left his Jordans at a park in Hong Kong

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NBA free agent Ray Allen has just finished a week long vacation in Hong Kong, where he met up with investment bankers (for his potential second career after his NBA retirement?), ate seafood on a floating restaurant, checked out the city's iconic skyline, and left a pair of shoes in a random park...

The last of which was a treasure hunt game that Allen has set up on his Instagram. On the post, he wrote he was going to leave his Team Jordan shoes "somewhere in Hong Kong" and encouraged fans to look for it. 

Now although Hong Kong is tiny in relation to China or the US. It's still a densely packed city that covers 426 square miles. Allen gave a few hints via Instagram posts, but it'd still be a hard find for probably 99% of his Instagram followers.

Through some detective work (and because I live in Hong Kong), I've deduced the location of the shoes -- it's the Aberdeen Country Park. The Park is still pretty big, but judging by the hints from the photos, they're likely in the north end of the park. 

The shoes are the Jordan PEs from 2012, and go for about $100 online right now. Judging by Instagram comments, it doesn't seem like anyone has found the shoes yet, but Hong Kong's park cleaning ladies might have disposed of them already.