By Andy Gray
July 29, 2014

Bike Horns > Bobbleheads

Is the bobblehead craze finally over? On Sunday the Rays will distribute Wil Myers bike horns to kids 14 and under who attend the game. Now if only they could make Myers look a little less demonic.

Tommy Lasorda. Hall of Fame Eater.

Tommy Lasorda was among the baseball dignitaries at last weekend's Hall of Fame ceremonies in Cooperstown, and judging by these photos, his waistline got quite the workout.

Take That, Caucasians

​What's the hottest fashion item this summer on Ontario's First Nations reserves? It's this t-shirt with the word “Caucasians” and a grinning logo of Chief Wahoo,

Lovely Lady of the Day

I received two emails yesterday telling me that my LLOD choices have been too skinny and "boy-like." I am not sure who's confusing all these women with boys, but if the people want more curves, I give them Karen Vi. Thanks to Jon in Dallas for the request. Click here for a full-size gallery and check out the video section for more of Vi.

Connor Barwin is Classy

Connor Barwin felt the Eagles linebacker room was lacking a certain sophistication, so he classed up the joint. Using a company called Noblilified, Barwin had the images of the team's linebackers turned into aristocratic portraits, which he had framed and put on the wall. Except for his own portrait, that is. Instead of going aristocratic, Barwin went for The Kramer.

Drew Brees is Accurate

The Saints quarterback took time away from his random drug tests to throw a football at a moving frisbee. 

From the SI Vault

Vin Scully :: Getty Images

The great Vin Scully, who made his debut as Dodgers broadcaster in 1950, announced that he will return to the booth for his 66th season calling Dodgers game. In this 1973 photo, Scully dances with an audience member during an episode of The Vin Scully Show, a weekday afternoon variety show that aired on CBS. The show only lasted one year but luckily for Scully he had that baseball job to fall back on. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

The Oakland Raiders are thinking about relocating to San Antonio ... A mashup of MLB logos and Star Wars characters ...  China has built the first rectangular running track ... Metta World Peace will play for the Sichuan Blue Whales of the Chinese Basketball Association this fall ... The fans who paid for a night out with John Rocker had a great time ... Kings forward Dustin Brown had a funny exchange with his FedEx delivery man ... Driverless cars will be on the road in Britain by Jan. 2015 ... This promotional poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was pulled because it (inadvertently) referenced Sept. 11 ... A Philadelphia restaurant is now serving a donut cheesesteak burger.  

More Problems for the Mets

One of New York City’s most beloved landmarks, Citi Field, begins to fall victim to the sharknado sweeping New York. The movie (Sharknado 2) airs tonight on SyFy. 

More of Today's LLOD

​In researching Karen Vi, I came across her appearance in this video by IceJJFish. I don't have words to describe how bad this song is, so I'll let the video's first YouTube do the talking. From a user named Eternal Vigor: "My Dad walked in and i switched to porn because it was easier to explain."

Y'All Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind

DMX riding a roller coaster falls into the "must-watch" category. Just make sure you're wearing your headphones.

New York Grade Schoolers Review Ace of Base

WNYC's Soundcheck played The Sign for a group of 10-year-olds. They were not fans.


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