By Andy Gray
September 02, 2014

Athletes Getting Married

In honor of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, who tied the knot over the weekend, here's a massive gallery of Athletes Getting Married.

Hot Clicks Pick'em Pool

Apologies for this being so late but there will be a Hot Clicks Pick'em Pool and you should join. I will award a grand prize for first place and something smaller for second and third. I'm not sure yet what any of these are but it'll be good. Go to and register. From there, choose "Join a private pool" and then "Pro Football Pick'ems." The Pool ID is "HotClicks35" and the password is "reggielewis." If you're sick of pick'em games, may I suggest this new game we're offering on Fan Nation. All you need to do is pick a QB, RB and WR/TE each week and you can email friends and challenge them directly. 

Teddy Bridgewater's Mom and Her Awesome Teddy Bridgewater T-Shirt

Teddy Bridgewater’s mom made an appearance at last night's Louisville-Miami game and wore (without exagerration) the greatest T-shirt that has ever been created. Or a close second to this one.

Lovely Ladies of the WWE

Big news. The new season of WWE's Total Divas premieres Sunday (Sept. 7) on E! and Hot Clicks is dedicating a week to the lovely ladies of the WWE. Today we feature the Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie (click here for full-size gallery) ... Gabriella Meghan is the newest Miss Coed ... Genevieve Morton spent a day at the races ... Malin Akerman got that awful Miley Cyrus buzz cut. Yikes!

This Cracked Me Up

Team USA breezed past New Zealand 98-71 in today's World Cup pool play and the most exciting part of the game came before the ball was even tipped. New Zealand busted out a pregame Haka Dance that left the U.S. players absolutely befuddled. I have watched this James Harden GIF 20 times and it keeps getting funnier.

Random Fact For the Tim Tebow Fans

The former Florida quarterback is owned in more fantasy leagues than Jaguars starter Chad Henne.

How Good Does This Sandwich Look?

Marshawn Lynch Loves His Skittles

Marshawn Lynch :: Courtesy of Skittles

The Seahawks running back has a new ad out for Skittles in which he powerlifts enormous amounts of his favorite candy. Overall it's a strong ad but still not quite as effective as the Chrissy Teigen Skittles waterfall one.

Odds & Ends

Tom Brady has an interesting way of getting Gisele's attention. He also doesn't plan on sucking for a long time ... Rams rookie Ethan Westbrooks has a good explanation for his face tattoo ... A Pennsylvania man filed a trademark for the phrase 'Johnny Benchwarmer' ... Has football jumped the shark? NO. Next question ... Twenty bold predictions for the upcoming NFL season ... Maya Moore's 20 best sneaker pictures ... Why beer isn't sold in plastic bottles ... Eleven lies about your favorite TV shows.

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Victoria Azarenka leads the U.S. Open crowd in a Happy Birthday sing-along for Gael Monfils. She does not have a good voice.


Girls in Bikinis

Country music star Lee Brice has a new song out called Girls in Bikinis. It only made sense to use it as a background song to this video of SI Swimsuit models on location.

Local Commercial of the Day

Booker T is really excited about Hilton Furniture & Mattress's liquidation sale.

Believe It Or Not, I'm Walking On Air

Fox is rebooting The Greatest American Hero, which hopefully means the return of my favorite all-time TV theme song. My top three (in case you're wondering) are The Greatest American Hero (No. 1), Welcome Back, Kotter (No. 2) and The Jeffersons (No. 3). And yes, I had this in Monday's Hot Clicks but it was Labor Day and nobody was online so I'm recycling.

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