By Andy Gray
September 18, 2014

It's Not All Gloom and Doom


Seeing that the past 10 days in the sports world has been dominated by stories of violence against women and child abuse, it's time for something positive. And by positive, I mean Seahawks 12th Man puppies. Or if you're not a dog person, this story about Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still and the support he's received as his daughter fights cancer should do the trick.

Most Obnoxious Fanbase in Sports

A Reddit user tracked the comments posted on 216 sports sub-Reddits, including all the MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA teams, to see which fanbase curses the most. Your winner ... the Boston Bruins. I blame this little guy for skewing the results.

Pacman Jones Makes a Point

With the NFL mired in controversy, leave it to Adam "Pacman" Jones to be the voice of reason. The Bengals cornerback posted an interesting comparison of the various crimes by NFL and NBA players, only to turn it around at the end to show that the 535 members of Congress are just as unlawful. 

Update (11:29 a.m.): Several people passed along this link that disputes Pacman's crime stats. So I guess he doesn't have a point.

Lovely Lady of the Day

I love this story about Ariana Grande trashing her fans after a meet & greet earlier this summer. “She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator,” a stunned industry insider said. “And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f—ing die.’" When I do my Hot Clicks meet & greets, I only have good things to say about the thousands of fans who came to meet me. Anyhow, Ariana earns today's LLOD honors for her elevator rant and general two-facedness (click here for full-size gallery).


Steve Smith Sr. (a.k.a. - the artist formally known as Steve Smith) sent out a tweet last night about how his child was conceived in an elevator on the way to a hotel room.

Pop-Tarts Power Rankings

Pop-Tarts turn 50 this week and Uproxxx has ranked the top 10 flavors. Chocolate fudge got the shaft (No. 9) while Strawberry (No. 1) came in a tad high for my taste.

From the SI Vault

Fred Lynn, Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew :: SI

The Los Angeles Angels clinched the AL West for the first time in five years, which is the perfect excuse to bust out this 1982 spring training photo of Fred Lynn, Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew. The Angels would go on to win the AL West that season before bowing out to Milwaukee in the first round of the playoffs. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

The five best sports pranks of all time ... There was a Robin Williams look-alike at the South Carolina-Georgia game on Saturday ... Nobody wants to buy Matt Albers' pants ... MLS unveiled a new logo ahead of its 20th season ... Yankees pitcher Brandon McCarthy threw a perfect inning (three strikeouts on nine pitches) during last night's game against the Rays ... A guy in Michigan was sentenced to 17 to 60 months in jail after he tried to throw a football containing marijuana, heroin and three cell phones into a prison yard ... Solid collection of kids getting caught staring at cheerleaders ... Showtime may soon be available without a pay TV subscription ... 58 fortune cookie fails ... The busiest airport in the world is in Atlanta.


Ducks forward Ryan Kesler works as a secretary at the Honda Center for fans picking up season tickets.

Dirk Covers The Hoff

Dirk Nowitzki covers the David Hasselhoff hit Looking for Freedom during an appearance on Stefan Raab's late-night comedy show TV Total.

Six Pack of Highlights 

The top baseball plays from Wednesday night.

How Fans Talk to Celebrities

A bunch of celebrities share the annoying things fans say to them in public.

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