By Andy Gray
October 02, 2014

Finally. The Rock is Headed to Baywatch

Dwayne Johnson and David Hasselhoff :: @TheFeedSBS2/Twitter

​Sure, there were two playoff baseball games, a major college football upset and another ugly Thursday night NFL matchup, but that will all have to wait as there is much bigger news. They are finally making a Baywatch movie and The Rock (a.k.a. - Dwayne Johnson) is set to star. Can I buy my tickets now?

In Baseball News

Thanks to a strong defense, an eleventh-inning home run by Mike Moustakas and a save by newly-minted father Greg Holland (who didn't arrive at the game until the sixth inning), the Royals squeaked past the Angels 3-2 in the opening game of the ALDS. Meanwhile in Baltimore, the Orioles cruised to a 12-3 victory over the Tigers, thanks to an eight-run eighth inning. The most interesting part of the game was Miguel Cabrera deciding to accept his playoff bonus after getting screamed at by his agent, saying he was just joking when he initially declined it. 

In Football News

The NFL continued its quest to make every Thursday night game an uncompetitive mess as the Packers beat up the Vikings, 42-10. The average margin of victory going into last night's game was 28 points and Green Bay did not help matters. Luckily, it was a great night of college football. SI's favorite college quarterback, Marcus Mariota of Oregon, caught a touchdown pass (and decimated a would-be tackler in the process) but it wasn't enough as the No. 2 Ducks lost to unranked Arizona in the biggest upset of the season. In other news, Houston lost to Central Florida in the most heartbreaking way possible -- a fumble on the 1-yard-line, ruining its chance to score what would have been the go-ahead touchdown. Ouch.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Coed put out a solid gallery of Sara Jean Underwood's sexiest Halloween costumes, which made me realize I've never featured Sara Jean Underwood as a LLOD. Until today, that is (click here for full-size gallery). 

Be A Good Person Friday

Hot Clicks has established a pretty big fanbase over the past six years and I figure it's time to do something positive (not to say that posting photos of lovely ladies and random pro wrestlers isn't helping). With that in mind, I'm launching a new feature called Be A Good Person Friday, in which I spotlight a different charity each week. I've mentioned this one before but I think it's worth another shout out. Dogs on Deployment "provides an online network for service members to search for volunteers who are willing to board their pets during their owner's service commitments." I mean, if someone is willing to join the military and fight overseas, the least we can do is throw a few bucks toward a charity that will help take care of that person's dog. Check out the website and make a contribution. If you have a charity that deserves some love, shoot me an email ( 

Animated Look at Team USA


My New Favorite College Football Helmet


From the Vault

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner :: Getty Images

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner enjoy their dugout seats during the 2004 World Series between the Red Sox and Cardinals. Affleck's Boston allegiance is in the news again after it was revealed that he refused to wear a Yankees hat in the new movie Gone Girl. Instead, he wore a Mets hat and the scene went off without a hitch. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

You can now own Johnny Manziel's autographed truck ... Rory McIlroy certainly seemed to enjoy the Ryder Cup (and subsequent victory celebration) ... NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith is getting his own reality show ... Lions tight end Eric Ebron is starting himself in fantasy football as extra motivation ... The hidden history of this year's MLB playoff team logos ... GoPro and the NHL have signed a deal that will give fans a closer-than-ever look at the game ... Really love the New Orleans Pelicans new home-court design ... The mess that is the Michigan football program keeps getting messier ... Kobe Bryant is already in midseason form, for trash-talking that is ... Why are all the Saturday Night Live sports sketches so bad?

Six-Pack of Highlights

The best plays from Thursday night in sports.

Curry vs. Kerr

Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr square off in a free-throw shooting contest. Steph wins.

Classic Mic'd Up

Another version of NBA referees wired for sound, this time featuring Kobe Bryant, Rasheed Wallace and more.

The Rock's Funniest Moments

The newest Baywatch star shows off his comedy chops in the pro wrestling ring.

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