By Andy Gray
October 14, 2014

Royals Close in on World Series

The Royals pulled within one game of the World Series with a 2-1 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The game featured an epic catch by Mike Moustakis and an epic T-shirt by this long-suffering Kansas City fan. The T-shirt everyone is talking about, however, belongs to current Royals (and former Orioles) pitcher Jeremy Guthrie. Meanwhile in San Francisco, the Giants defeated the Cardinals after a 10th inning walk-off error by pitcher Randy Choate. My favorite story coming out of the game involves Coleman Cox (porn star name if I ever heard one), the girlfriend of St. Louis reliever Seth Maness, who was not happy her man was taken out of the game for Choate.

Tom Brady Jack-O'-Lantern

This masterpiece, the most handsome of all the jack-o'-lanterns, is on display at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence until Nov. 2.

Adirondack Flames Mascot Update

Last week, I mentioned the ill-fated idea to give the Adirondack Flames' new mascot Scorch a back story, which included a depiction of a dead firefighter. After a week of bad PR, the team decided to end Scorch's short (but memorable) tenure. “We’re extinguishing Scorch,” team president Brian Petrovek told the Glens Falls Post-Star. “The misjudgment we made was such that we came to that decision.”

Lovely Lady of the Day

Vivian Kindle has a new gallery out for BroBible, which made me realize I've never featured Vivian Kindle before. Until now (click here for full-size gallery).

Kobe Bryant Story of the Day

Kobe Bryant is known for his intensity and competitiveness. Both of these traits are apparent (along with some casino generosity) in this tale  from former UMass forward Tony Gaffney, who attended training camp with the Lakers in 2009-10 before being cut at the end of exhibition season.

That Didn't Take Long

One Way to Lure Top Recruits

From the SI Vault

Earl Weaver :: Getty Images

On this day in 1969, Earl Weaver became the first manager to be thrown out of a World Series game in 34 years, after arguing a strikeout call on Frank Robinson. The Orioles, down 0-3 to the Royals in this year's Fall Classic, could use some of Weaver's fire to get back into the series. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

Gordon Heyward said he'd destroy LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Granted he was talking about a computer game, it's still good to see his confidence... The Spurs are giving their fans commemorative championship rings ... UConn now has a horse named after Shabazz Napier ... Converse is suing 31 companies over knock-off Chuck Taylor All-Stars ... A poll of 12 NFL coaches revealed they'd rather play against Peyton Manning than against Colin Kaepernick ... Darnell Dockett had some great advice for Joseph Randle, who was caught shoplifting cologne and underwear ... Twenty things you didn't know about Pulp Fiction ... 50 Halloween outfits for your pet ... A guy let his wife (an artist) doodle on his car and it came out really cool ... Dave Grohl and Courtney Love finally made up, thanks to a bet over strippers.

NBA Book Club

Blake Griffin is joined by Iman Shumpert, Matt Barnes and Chandler Parsons for a Nicholas Sparks Book Club Meeting.


Royals Celebrate 1985 World Series Victory

Some recently-discovered footage from the locker room of the 1985 champs.

Alexander Ovechkin. Music Video Star.

I know you've been waiting for the new Katyla Lel single to drop, but did you know Alexander Ovechkin stars in the video?

Trick Play of the Day

Division III college Huntingdon scores against Christopher Newport with this memorable flea-flicker.

Howard Stern Interviews Neil Young

Two of my favorites.


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