By Andrew Doughty
October 16, 2014

When you really love something, you want the whole world to know. So it should come as no surprise when sports fans get tattoos to commemorate their fandom. We know that trying to talk people out of getting sports tattoos is a losing battle, so we won't even try. Instead, here are some classic mistakes people make when getting sports tattoos. Let them serve as a warning before you get yours.

1. Avoid title predictions, especially for teams that have never been to the Super Bowl

The Detroit Lions have never won a Super Bowl. The Detroit Lions have never even appeared in a Super Bowl, with their last title coming before the Super Bowl era in 1957, yet this guy is willing to bet a clean slate of his body that Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford will snag the Lombardi Trophy next February. 

2. Don't move to Florida with a head tattoo you can't cover up

Victor Thompson first made headlines about five years ago when he decided to cover his entire dome with a Patriots helmet tattoo. The ambitious superfan and New Hampshire resident then graced headlines again in 2012 when he was arrested on multiple charges and his mugshot circled the Internet. And just recently, Thompson was tagged again, this time in Florida. Getting a head tattoo is foolish enough, but one could argue that he could cover it up 6-plus months every year with a winter beanie. 

3. Don't make a Tebow-related tattoo bet

Tim Tebow mania had yet to officially invade Denver, but the anticipation was building, especially considering the Broncos’ 1-4 start to the 2011 season. It was at this time that Mike Evans, radio host for 104.3 The Fan in Denver, made a bet that the Broncos would not win eight ballgames that season. If they did reach the eight-win mark, he agreed to receive a Tim Tebow tattoo. The now-analyst took over the reins from Kyle Orton and led his team to an 8-8 record, forcing Evans to get this cute Tebow tattoo. Don't make the same mistake. Peyton Manning, though? That's a dude you can bet on.

4. Don't make fun of Tim Duncan's dorky tattoos when picking out your tattoo

Screencap via Twitter

Spurs future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan is a well-documented dork and his inner geek doesn’t stop with Dungeons & Dragons, Renaissance Fairs and video games. Duncan also sports two very nerdy tattoos with a jester on his back and Merlin on his chest, but beware if you intend to mock him when getting your sports tattoo because he might cast a spell on you. And DEFINITELY don't make fun of him if, like one of those people on Twitter, you're getting a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe in a Tim Duncan jersey, or a tattoo of Tim Duncan riding a dragon dunking a flaming basketball.

5. If you're a basketball player, don't get an embarrassing tattoo on your arm

Basketball is the only major sport in which your entire arm and portion of the shoulder is exposed at all times, therefore it would be wise to consider this level of exposure when selecting an upper arm tattoo. Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Scott is caked in emoji tattoos, particular on his right arm, and every single one of them looks like a 3-year-old drew them with Crayons. First, like Tim Duncan, we applaud him for his willingness to be comfortable in his own skin. Second, emjojis are not meant to be permanently engrained on one’s skin. If that’s the dream, you might want to hide them.

Andrew Doughty is a writer for Next Impulse Sports

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