By Dan Treadway
June 13, 2014

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Some of you might remember Tyler Black, the unfortunately overconfident Kentucky fan who made national headlines when he got a 2014 national champions tattoo on his calf before the NCAA tournament even began. Black was but another endorser of what has quickly become the dumbest trend in sports fandom: Getting tattoos celebrating championships that your teams haven't won yet.

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It seems that the Detroit Lions fan above has become the newest member of the dumb tattoo fraternity. Overlooking the fact that the Lions currently have 40/1 odds to win the title, didn't make the playoffs last season and have never won (or even appeared in) a Super Bowl, this fan decided that getting a calf tattoo celebrating Detroit's Super Bowl title in June was a pretty good idea.

Let's look at this from a practicality standpoint: Even in the best case scenario, you're still stuck with a pretty crappy looking tattoo on your calf. And odds are that "Hey, see this awful calf tattoo? I got it before the Lions season even started" isn't going to impress people at parties, but rather just make them question your sanity. Please, just... don't do this.

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