By Ryan Wong
December 16, 2014

We are closing in on the end of another memorable and eventful year in sports. LeBron James returned to Cleveland, the Legion of Boom were rewarded with a Lombardi, the Spurs anti-aging machine worked its magic and the San Francisco Giants somehow became a dynasty. However, as notable as all those IRL events were, Twitter also had its fair share of great moments. Sometimes, they were even more amusing than the games themselves. Without further ado, here were some of the best tweets to hit the internet in 2014.

Richard Sherman - "Can't ever be too mad"

Patrick Peterson one-upped Richard Sherman in the contract department this offseason when the Cardinals cornerback got a five-year, $70 million extension. Not one to ever let any perceived slight slide, Sherman retweeted a couple of comparisons between him and Peterson that showed Sherman in a more favorable light. Peterson inevitably saw those and tweeted:

In reply, Sherman brought out the big guns: his Super Bowl ring:

Joel Embiid moves from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna

In almost no time at all, Joel Embiid became the King of Twitter. While the seeds of Embiid's genius were evident in his Twitter campaign to recruit LeBron James to the 76ers, Joel really came into his own with his tweets to Kim Kardashian and Rihanna:

Phil Jackson - "Go get'em Flea"

It's been a bit of a rough season for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are losing and Bryant has gotten some flack for his usage rate and the size of his contract. After one scathing piece on Bryant was published by Henry Abbott, Red Hot Chili Pepper band member and Los Angeles Lakers fan Flea took to Twitter to defend Kobe. The fact that Phil Jackson took the time to co-sign the tweet spoke volumes.

Jim Ross goes all Jim Ross on the NBA finals

"Perfect" is a word that is thrown around a little too freely on the internet but there's really no other word that adequately describes how, well, perfect Jim Ross's tweet was on Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Spurs blew out the Heat 104-87 and won the Finals in decisive fashion, but Jim Ross was the real winner that night.

Sidney Rice - "Boo this man"

Roger Goodell has not been popular this year. During a particularly cringe-worthy press conference in the wake of the Ray Rice scandal, NFL players began tweeting their displeasure with Goodell's performance. No tweet was more apt than this one from retired wide receiver Sidney Rice who summed up everything in three words.

Joe Kelly's wife masterfully trolls him over Derek Jeter selfie

The hoopla surrounding Derek Jeter's RE2PECT Retirement Tour was far-reaching. At Jeter's last game at Fenway Park, even Red Sox players couldn't help but get caught up in the ceremonial hype. Joe Kelly used the occasion to take a selfie with the Captain. And as groan-worthy as that moment was, it was worth it for Ashley Kelly's reaction on Twitter.

Michael Sam offers suggestion to fan on Twitter bet

Remarkably, the internet did not implode when Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel during the NFL preseason. However, one fan unwisely wagered that he'd buy... everyone a drink if Sam sacked Manziel before the game. Since fulfilling such a bet is costly and logistically improbable, the fan asked for suggestions for a charity he could donate to instead. Michael Sam heard about the bet and offered his own recommendation on Twitter in one of the feel-good Twitter moments of the year:

Steve Smith reveals a little too much about his elevator practices

Hello, baby! Welcome to the world! You have to live with this forever!

Eric LeGrand offers to suit up for the Bucs

On Sept. 18, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered an embarrassing 56-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. However, the best moment of the night came courtesy of Eric LeGrand. LeGrand, who was paralyzed while playing football at Rutgers in 2010, had signed a ceremonial contract with the Bucs in 2012 and he displayed some of his excellent wit and great personality during one of the most lopsided games of the year.

Jenn Sterger congratulates Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning broke the all-time record for touchdown passes during this year's Broncos-49ers game. While many tweets of congratulations flew around the web, none were better than Jenn Sterger's, who managed to get in a massive jab at Brett Favre for the alleged... unwanted photos and voicemails that he sent to Sterger while he was playing for the Jets.

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