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Amazon and the Nashville Predators join in on Deflate-gate trolling

Amazon and the Nashville Predators have added their jokes to the media circus surrounding Deflate-gate.

Despite Rob Gronkowski's perfectly reasonable explanation, the furor surrounding Deflate-gate – New England's alleged use of deflated balls during the AFC title game – has yet to die down.

While speculation continues, a number of other organizations have chimed in to make light of the situation. Over the last two days, the Amazon corporation and the Nashville Predators have made their contributions to the media circus.

Amazon was courteous enough to let its twitter followers know where to go should they ever encounter any problems with the air levels in their balls:

While the Predators were nice enough to create a visual display for those were unable to see the game ball in person:

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Amazon and the Predators' gibes are just two of many jokes that have emerged from the game. But, if Patriots receiver Julian Edelman is any indication, New England isn't likely to be bothered by any of it.

- Christopher Woody