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Some guy wants $1,500 to test the Patriots' Deflategate explanation

No one (except Patriots fans and Marisa Tomei) believes what Bill Belichick has to say about Deflategate, so one football fan is asking people to donate money so he test Belichick's hypothesis. He wants $1,500.

Tom McGraw says it's "baffling" that media members having tried to recreate the atmospheric conditions of that fateful day in Foxboro, so he wants to do it himself. 

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McGraw wants to inflate the balls to regulation pressure levels at room temperature, then take them into a walk-in freezer set to the gameday temperature. He plans to recruit an actual scientist to help make sure everything is above board. 

McGraw is sparing no expense in trying to find the truth. He wants to buy 12 official NFL footballs for $100 each. Sure, all 12 balls are being subjected to the same experiment, but this is serious business. He also wants to buy this pressure gauge for $24.50. This one costs $4.95, but the truth is expensive.

- Dan Gartland

[​via Darren Rovell]