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Marshawn Lynch honored with 'Won't Get Fined' song

Marshawn's Lynch contentious relationship with the media is celebrated in "Won't Get Fined," a track from Seattle-based rapper Spekulation.

First, we had "Beat Brady" as the anthem of choice for Seattle Seahawks fans (and all New England Patriots haters) during Super Bowl week.

Now, we have "Won't Get Fined," a remix from Seattle-based rapper Spekulation of his "Thanks for Asking."

The clips of Lynch are taken from his "interviews" during Tuesday's Super Bowl XLIX media day. The Seahawks running back answered questions from reporters with a variation of "I'm here so I won't get fined," referencing the $100,000 he was fined by the NFL for not complying with the league's media policy.

Skittles got Marshawn Lynch to break his media silence

It remains to be seen how Lynch will react to Wednesday's news that he could face another fine for wearing a "Beast Mode" hat that was not sanctioned by the NFL.

Mike Fiammetta