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NFL teams have some weird ideas for changing the extra point

NFL teams give their proposals for changes to the extra point. 

It's the NFL offseason, which means rule changes are once again at the forefront of discussion. This includes discussing potential changes to the extra point, and there's no shortage of crazy ideas.

Last week, the Indianapolis Colts proposed experimenting with a new scoring system during the preseason: A "bonus field goal" from 50 yards out that would allow teams to kick an extra point if they complete a two-point conversion.

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On Wednesday, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll shared his team's own idea of changing the extra point.

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The league's owners meetings are currently going on, but don't expect any extra point changes anytime soon. After a "lively" discussion, owners tabled a proposal that would change the length of extra-point attempts until May, when it will likely be studied with coaches. 

- Molly Geary