Thursday's PM Hot Clicks, Elizabeth Pipko lovely lady of the day

By Andy Gray
April 01, 2015

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Best Toll Ever


From the "why doesn't this ever happen to me" department, drivers on a North Virginia highway got a free toll ride and Nationals hat, courtesy of team mascot Screech. The Nats, by the way, are SI's pick to represent the National League in the World Series (where they'll lose to the Indians).

No Thank You

Want to buy a photo of a completely nude Joe DiMaggio? Here's your chance!

When Athletes Sneak Up On Fans Wearing Their Jersey

This is one of my favorite new sports trends. An athlete spots a fan wearing his or her jersey and does one of two things: 1) takes a selfie while clueless fan looks in other direction; 2) greets the fan with an introduction. Both are entertaining but the selfie is so much more fun than the standard introduction.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Elizabeth Pipko is a model who should be on your radar. Follow her on Instagram and check out these photos (click here for full-size gallery).

NFL Tampering 101

Not a great day for the Ravens social media department.

Did You Know The Titanic Had a Gym? 

Here is the proof.

Canadian Kelly Olynyk Gets Black Eye During Warmups. Plays Anyway.

Mind. Blown.

Never Underestimate the Used Bullpen Cart Market

A Push and a Flop

Play of the Day

Odds & Ends

Wrigley Field now has a Jumbotron ... Always good to see an NBA player inspired by the toughness of his hockey-playing friend ... The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight could reportedly cost $99 on pay-per-view ...  Auburn coach Gus Malzahn isn't a huge Jim Harbaugh fan right now ... I can't stop watching this stupid Vine of Thunder center Steven Adams offering ketchup to customers at a burger place ... Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel compared the conditions at Wrigley Field to the conditions of Baghdad ... The Milwaukee Bucks unveiled a new logo and color scheme ... Scenes from the Entourage yacht party ... Coolest cars from the NYC Auto Show ... When breakfast cereals become yummy deserts ... The world's oldest person passed away at 117.

If You Watch One Video Today...

Watch Russian junior hockey team MHC Loko celebrate a victory with its own  version of human dominoes. Apologies in advance about the background music. (H/T Puck Daddy)

GoPro View of Pole Vaulting

What's better than a GoPro view of pole vaulting? When the pole vaulter with the GoPro is Allison Stokke. (H/T Playboy)

OSU Dog Pees on Michigan Fire Hydrant

I love this story.

Chrissy Teigen's Next Adventure

The SI Swimsuit model will appear as the color commentator for Lip Sync Battle, which debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Spike.

Best April Fools' Joke of the Day

Bob Barker makes a surprise appearance on The Price is Right.

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