A team in need of a point guard could do worse than these Alaskan bears at Katmai National Park.

By Extra Mustard
April 04, 2015

Is your team in need of a point guard? If so, it could do worse than these slick-handling bears at Katmai National Park in King Salmon, Alaska.

As you'll see, the bear who begins with the ball plays some solid keep-away before the other bear has him tied up... allowing a third to come in while the first two squabble over the contact.

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The video comes from the Instagram page for the U.S. Department of the Interior. #marchmadness indeed.

Here's a rare sight: #Bears playing basketball at #Katmai #NationalPark in #Alaska. Bears are curious animals. They often play with strange or novel objects they find. A bear’s natural curiosity can lead it to associate our property as toys. This can strongly motivate bears to approach people and buildings in the future. Keep bears safe -- Store food and equipment properly. National Park Service video. #nature #wildlife #marchmadness #finalfour

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- Mike Fiammetta

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