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The Patriots released more texts from the Deflategate guys

Buried in the New England Patriots' rebuttal to the Ted Wells Deflategate report are more texts from Jim McNally and John Jastremski, the employees accused of deflating the footballs. 

Buried in the Patriots' rebuttal to the Ted Wells' Deflategate report are more texts from Jim McNally and John Jastremski, the employees accused of deflating the footballs. They are just as delightful as the ones contained in the original Wells report. 

McNally and Jastremski are, depending on which side you believe, either Tom Brady's football-deflating henchmen or two dudes who like to make jokes. A significant portion of the rebuttal the Patriots released Thursday attempts to prove it's the latter. 

McNally talks about playing drinking games and makes some comments about Jastremski's wife the Pats decided it would be best not to disclose.

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McNally: Whats up dorito dink

Jastremski: Nada

McNally: Whens the pong party….im on fire

Jastremski: Omg

McNally: Bring it

[four hours later]

McNally: You still with your women

Jastremski​: Yup

McNally:​ You must have her [omitted out of respect to Mrs. Jastremski]

McNally: You must have a picture of her [omitted out of respect to Mrs. Jastremski]  

Jastremski:​ Omg

McNally: You working

Jastremski: Yup

McNally: Nice dude…jimmy needs some kicks….lets make a deal…come on help the deflator

Any derogatory comments Mrs. Jastremski may have been omitted, but luckily the original report included a whole bunch of McNally and Jastremski's texts talking trash about Tom Brady

- Dan Gartland