Pair of Pirates draft picks have names right out of Seinfeld

The names of two Pirates draft picks from Monday will look awfully familiar to Seinfeld fans.
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The Pittsburgh Pirates first three draft picks on Monday night were Kevin Newman, Ke'Bryan Hayes and Kevin Kramer.

If you're a Seinfeld fan, two of those names should jump out at you: Newman and Kramer. The eccentric duo were part of the long-running NBC comedy, and now the Pirates have their own Kramer and Newman in their organization.

It's even better that they're both named Kevin, which means if they're on the same team they'd likely be referred to by teammates and coaches by their last names. 

And if the two do get assigned to the same minor-league team, that team would be sorely missing out on an opportunity by not hosting a Seinfeld night. The two could even act out one of their counterpart's scenes, such as the one when Newman picks up a speeding ticket.

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- Molly Geary