Watch: Cam Newton once again destroys people in ‘knockerball’

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton once again played “knockerball” at his charity event on Friday, suiting up in an inflatable ball to roll around and smash into competitors.
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Cam Newton sure loves his Knockerball.

We last saw the Carolina Panthers quarterback jump into what is essentially an inflatable bumper ball to smash into friends (competitors?) in April. It looked like fun for sure, but also exceptionally terrifying for Panthers fans.

Friday, at a charity event in Charlotte, Newton was at it again. Yes, the Panthers did just give him a five-year contract extension worth up to $103 million earlier this month.

Sure, there's plenty of padding provided by the knockerball. But those collisions look hard. At least a few times, Newton or one the other Knockerballers took some time getting up.

At least it was for a good cause.

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Oh, and Newton also pulled these out as well:

What a weekend for the Panthers quarterback.

Mike Fiammetta