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Gio Gonzalez’s beard is now sponsored

Washington Nationals lefthander Gio Gonzalez now has a sponsored beard.

Gio Gonzalez probably would have taken a simple compliment about his beard, but he received much more this week: a sponsorship.

That’s right: Gonzalez’s beard is so good, it’s getting him free stuff.

Grooming tool manufacturer Wahl is the sponsor, and as The Washington Post relays, Gonzalez inked an “unprecedented” four-month deal that lands him a “facial hair excellence” certificate of achievement, a t-shirt and a complementary trim.

Here’s where it gets weird, though: Gonzalez will have to attach “sponsored, or brought to you, by Wahl,” to any and all references to his beard. It's not entirely surprising, of course, and we imagine the typically hilarious Gonzalez will keep it entertaining and lighthearted.

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Also in Wahl/beard/Washington D.C., news: the company listed the city No. 1 under its 2015 list of the “Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities.”

[h/t The Washington Post]