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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says the only thing he would've done differently is ask DeAndre Jordan to change his Twitter photo.

By Extra Mustard
July 22, 2015

In the midst of an intense competition with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert as worst celebrity breakup of 2015, Mark Cuban and DeAndre Jordan continued to state their case Wednesday. 

The Cuban-Jordan saga, which has already included the Mavericks owner refusing Jordan's Twitter apology, hit yet another point when Cuban appeared on Colin Cowherd's ESPN Radio show.

Cuban was asked if he would've done anything differently during his failed pursuit of Jordan, and told Cowherd he would've made Jordan represent his new team on social media:

“I think the only thing I would have done differently is make him change his Twitter profile picture right off the bat. I think by having it just stay the way that it was, it gave him an out. He hadn’t fully committed. Having him change his social media profiles right then was something I thought about and I thought, ‘Nah, that’s not an issue. Let’s not bring that up.’ But it happens. You move on. Next,” Cuban said.

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Cuban's hindsight may still be a little hazy as he processes his emotions. If he really wanted DeAndre in Dallas, instead of asking him to change his Twitter photo, going straight for the Facebook relationship status may have been more effective. Cuban had his own relationship thoughts in regards to the Jordan saga:

“When you have a situation like DeAndre, makeup sex is always the best sex, but after the makeup sex is over, you stare at that same face and realize the problems are the same,” Cuban also said on the show. “It's hard for free agents to get past that sometimes.” 

Jordan, of course, re-signed with the Clippers, who officially re-introduced him Tuesday. Cuban and the Mavericks, one would imagine, are still looking for a center to Cyber Dust with.

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- Rohan Nadkarni


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