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David Price sending jersey to young Blue Jays fan who made his own

David Price is giving a jersey to a fan who cleverly made his own makeshift one. 

David Price is now a Toronto Blue Jay, even if the road to his introductory press conference was bumpy

One young fan in particular was quite excited for Price's arrival, but wasn't able to get one of the new Price Blue Jays jerseys yet. That was no matter for the boy, however, who used some old-fashioned ingenuity to create a makeshift one. 

The creation was noticed by Toronto's Twitter account, which then led to it being noticed by Price himself. So Price put out a request to Jays fans to find the Twitter handle of the boy or his parents so that he could give him a real Price Blue Jays jersey, and it worked!

Blue Jays’ David Price Photoshop includes massive forearms

Price has only been in Toronto for a short time, but he's already making fans for life. 

- Molly Geary