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Going to a sports art gallery is a lot cooler than it sounds

“The Sports Show” presented by New York’s School of Visual Arts is full of impressive works of art from the sports world. 

It's funny how you don’t realize just how much art is ingrained in the experience of being a sports fan. You watch a game on TV without thinking about the artist that designed the teams’ logos, or the designer that made the graphics that lead into commercial breaks. You read an article online without giving much thought to the stunning image at the top of the page.

“The Sports Show” presented by New York’s School of Visual Arts takes a look at the wealth of striking visuals in the sports world, and it doesn’t feel like going to an art museum. 

The gallery features work from over 30 artists (all of whom are SVA graduates), covering several disciplines. There’s traditional action photography, portrait photography, paintings, sculptures, pop art, animated graphics, videos and illustrations, to name a few. Stars like LeBron James are featured alongside anonymous high school football players. 

brian finke.jpeg

Derek Jeter's replacement drew a cool sketch of Derek Jeter

Perhaps the most unique work on display is by Charles Fazzino, who layers two-dimensional silkscreens to make incredibly detailed three-dimensional scenes that can’t really be captured in a photograph. 

charles fazzino.jpeg

One of the curators of the exhibit is Todd Radom, the graphic designer behind several easily recognizable sports logos. He designed the logos for the Los Angeles Angels, Basketball Hall of Fame, Brooklyn Cyclones, 1990s Milwaukee Brewers and many others. 


The gallery is located in New York City, on the 15th floor of 601 West 26th Street in the SVA Chelsea Gallery. The show opens on Saturday and runs through Sept. 19. Admission is free. More information can be found here