Texas A&M will host its first game in a newly renovated Kyle Field on Saturday against Ball State and the team has a host of new food items for fans at their new stadium, among them the 4-foot-long, 12-pound Aggie Dog.

By Extra Mustard
September 11, 2015

Texas A&M will hold its first game in the newly renovated Kyle Field on Saturday, against Ball State, and the team has a host of new food items for fans, including a 4-foot-long, 12-pound Aggie Dog.

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For those who are not looking to take down a dozen pounds of meat bun and condiments, ESPN reports that the stadium will also be serving such delights as chicken-fried hot dogs, chicken-fried chopped steak sandwiches, and buffalo bleu cheese fries.

In addition to those heart-stopping delights, the $485 million renovations brought 12 960-square foot “Founders’ suites” for big donors, in addition to improving sight lines for all by dropping the field 10 feet below its previous elevations, and completely rebuilding the stadium’s west side, according to ESPN.

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