St. Louis Rams beat Seahawks, troll Russell Wilson’s Twitter arrogance

The St. Louis Rams did some Grade-A trolling of Russell Wilson after Sunday’s win over the Seahawks
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The St. Louis Rams took down division rival Seattle Sunday 34–31 in overtime, despite Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s optimistic prediction Saturday night.

In a move of confidence, Wilson tweeted out on Saturday that the Seahawks were 1–0.

After the Rams made Wilson look arrogant for predicting such an event by beating the Seahawks, they had some words for him after the game.

“1–0, baby. That’s the real tweet,” Benny Cunningham said in a video the Rams posted on Twitter.

“Retweet that!”

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The Rams also politely asked that Wilson not delete his tweet, now that it expresses the wrong record.

Russell Wilson’s Twitter account recently made headlines when Wilson used it to claim a sports drink helped recover from a possible concussion.

Will this make Russ change his social media habits? Sadly, maybe not.

- Kenny Ducey