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Donald Trump calls Joe Flacco elite, gives unsolicited praise to Tom Brady

The Donald has spoken. Joe Flacco is elite.

For generations, sports fans have deliberated over just one issue. Is Joe Flacco elite?

Donald Trump attempted to put the eternal struggle to rest on Monday.

While answering questions from fans on Twitter, Trump received a tweet regarding the Baltimore Ravens QB. 

“I think Joe Flacco is, actually, a very elite quarterback,” Trump said. “He won a Super Bowl, he did it really, to a certain extent, with that great arm of his. I would say absolutely. He is an elite quarterback.”

Now, this question was almost assuredly asked as a joke, but whether or not Donald Trump was aware of that is unknown. 

SBNation’s PFTCommenter has gone on a nationwide campaign to ask this very important question.

During his Twitter Q&A, Trump also received a question about injured Cowboys QB Tony Romo. He made a fair point about Dallas’s defense, then somehow transitioned to praising Tom Brady.

Not good news for the Cowboys. Great news for the Patriots. Even better news for Joe Flacco.

- Kenny Ducey