Monday’s P.M. Hot Clicks features the sports world and Game of Thrones, and highlights Naya Rivera as lovely lady of the day.

By Rohan Nadkarni
September 21, 2015

Game of Thrones and Sports


Knee-Jerk Monday

My favorite part of the NFL season isn’t the actual games, it’s the irrational reactions to them. What's going on in Week 2? Philly sports radio says the Eagles will be “lucky to be favored in any game.” Skip Bayless tried to argue Tony Romo was the victim of a dirty hit. Rex Ryan took the hot takes out of the Buffalo media’s hands. And as a bonus, Donald Trump declared Joe Flacco “very elite.”

Emmy Roundup

If you missed the Emmy Awards Sunday night because you were too busy with football, here’s what you missed: Viola Davis became the first black woman to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Jon Hamm finally got a win for Mad Men. And a farewell montage spoiled that show you haven’t caught up on yet. Here’s a full list of winners. I’m still waiting for the Hannibal nominations. 

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

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Reaction Gifs

Vanity Fair has compiled a list of the best reactions from Sunday night’s Emmys. This is arguably the best part of the award show internet cycle. My personal favorite here is Amy Poehler, who I’ll miss helping bring us Parks and Recreations. My least favorite has to be Veep’s Anna Chulmsky—act like you’ve been there before, sport.

Frequency Vibrations

The trailer for NBA 2K16’s Spike Lee-produced career mode dropped last week. The game looks outstanding, and the career mode looks like it’s going to be awesome. But why was the character in the trailer named Frequency Vibrations? Either way, judging from the gameplay videos, I won’t be doing anything else this weekend once the game arrives.

He’s Still on TV?

We’ll See How Long This Lasts


How Did I Only Find This Now?

Odds and Ends

Grantland’s Wesley Morris says Johnny Depp and his new movie Black Mass are underwhelming ... The Twin Peaks revival began filming this month, and Amanda Seyfried is joining the cast ... Meanwhile, filming has wrapped on the female Ghostbusters reboot ... An NBA fan over at Reddit created retro-inspired jerseys for half the league, with more on the way ... I'm convinced Ndamukong Suh is going to end up being an incredible player for the Patriots next season ... Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood on College Gameday? That’s what Rece Davis wants ... Watch Ryan Reynolds try to build a crib from IKEA ... Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive mixtape has received some mixed reviews ... It hurts me a little bit when the Heat welcome LeBron in Miami ... Jameis Winston’s dad wore a pretty cool shirt Sunday ... The Philadelphia Daily News is asking the Pope to save the Eagles’ season, or at least gain more than two yards per carry.

When You Remember None of This is Actually Real

Chip Kelly Will be Great as the Next Coach of The U


We've All Been There

This rat must know it’s only Monday. Goodnight y’all.

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