Football season is heating up, so it’s time to step up the trash talk. 

By Extra Mustard
October 13, 2015

Football season is heating up, so it’s time to step up the trash talk. Fans looking to share their football thoughts but hesitant to use actual words can now use specialized fan-inspired emojis. 

Toyota’s “FanMojis” let you talk about normal things, like celebrate touchdowns, complain about the refs and talk about trucks. 

Seahawks running back Fred Jackson knows a thing or two about football, but he’s not that experienced with trash talk. While most of Jackson’s teammates went to schools with big football programs, he went to tiny Coe College. 

“It’s definitely one of those things where I won’t have an opportunity to be a part of that,” Jackson told “Even our coaching staff makes a big deal out of it. Washington and USC just played and there’s guys from both those schools on the team. The coach called them out and they went and had a basketball shootout contest. That’s not something that I’ll get a chance to do because nobody went to a school that I played against.”

It’s really a shame, because Coe smashed archrival Cornell College 50–3 last month and Jackson couldn’t rub it in anybody’s face. 

How would we use FanMojis? Let’s give it a shot. 

Megatron goes wild

Extra Mustard’s translation: Oh no! I left my nachos at the concession stand!

Gurley slams Matthews

Extra Mustard’s translation: Dad, why did you let me eat those nachos?

Matthew Stafford finally throws some touchdowns

Extra Mustard’s translation: Let's go to the nacho store during this commercial break.

Atlanta pick six

Extra Mustard’s translation: Washington’s franchise. 

Matt Prater ends a brutal overtime period

Extra Mustard’s translation: My nachos got cold during overtime. 

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