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Our College Football Superfans gallery is back again, with plenty of body paint and crazy costumes. 

By Extra Mustard
November 10, 2015

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean college football fans will stop dressing up in ridiculous costumes. Just take the guys above for example. They’re either members of Temple’s royal family, or big Seinfeld fans.

Each week Sports Illustrated combs through hundreds of photos to find those that show the most intense, clever or just plain weird fans in the stands at NCAA games. The result is the weekly College Football Superfans gallery. Here are a few highlights from Week 10. 

Pitt fans are unmoved by sappy movies

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Notre Dame beat the Panthers 42–30, though.

Heartbreak in Pocatello

The Idaho State Bengals lost in gut-wrenching fashion to Montana on Saturday when the Grizzlies returned a botched field goal snap for the game winning score in overtime.

This fan’s face pretty much sums it up.

Loren Orr/Getty Images

A tale of two beards

This young Washington fan found a way to keep his face warm (and perhaps sneak into an R-rated movie after the game).

Jesse Beals/Icon Sportswire

Maybe some day he’ll be able to grow a beard as epic as this Bowling Green fan’s. 

Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire

College students are very young

Wow, Toledo hasn’t beaten NIU since this Rockets fan was in eighth grade. 

Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire


Wait a second, that’s not even that long ago. 

You’re supposed to stick your tongue out

These Oregon fans went with KISS-inspired makeup. 

Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire

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