Men’s Style Q&A: NYE looks; What to wear with navy pants

This week‘s Sports Illustrated Style Q&A will get you ready for the most stylish New Years Eve of your life, help find the perfect coast to go with those Navy pants and give you an ultra-lux Brunello Cucinelli-style look with out destroying your holiday bonus.
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This week‘s Sports Illustrated Style Q&A will get you ready for the most stylish New Years Eve of your life, help find the perfect coat to go with those navy pants and give you an ultra-luxe Brunello Cucinelli-style look with out destroying your holiday bonus. You can find the previous edition of the Q&A here, and be sure to download Dress for the’s app, and check out the site’s men’s style section to keep up with the trends. ​Also check out the holiday gift guide for last minute present ideas for every budget.

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A: Hey Dimitri!

Your NYE plans sound like a fun time! Let’s get you dressed so that you’ll be out all night and not home waiting for your hotline to bling. Since it’s a special occasion, leave your usual clubbing jeans and button-down at home. Instead, go for solid blacks, whites and greys with pops of color. Opt for a sleek blazer in classic black like this one. Don’t forget to accessorize with a printed pocket-square. Throw on a cashmere blend sweater underneath for a luxury element. Pair with textured, fitted pants like these from Asos. Finish with some statement driving shoes in a deep red like these and you’re all set. Now go ring in 2016 with a bang and some serious style!

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Q: What color coat can I wear with navy slacks and brown shoes?  I've been looking at wool, should I look elsewhere?  Charcoal seems too dark to wear with navy and brown shoes. –Michael

A: Hi Michael,

Navy is a foolproof neutral color to wear all year round so we understand your dilemma of figuring out what colors look best as seasons change. We also agree that a charcoal color is a bit too dark and takes away from your overall look. It’s pretty apparent you know what you’re doing when it comes to getting your outfit together, but everyone can use that extra fashion tip to seal the deal and walk out looking like Harvey Spector from Suits. This is our run down: 1) If you prefer wool, check out this Kenneth Cole jacket in camel. 2) If you’re open to trying on a different material that will get you through the coldest of days try on a heavyweight hooded fishtail parka in stone. 3) Lastly, if you’re the trendsetter of your circle we have to share this herringbone tweed topcoat in grey with you. Full disclosure: you may be summoned for looking too damn good and actually need Harvey to bail you out!

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A: Well hello, Anonymous.

Sounds like you have quite the eye for style! As you know, we dominate the ‘get the look for less’ game and have some awesome suggestions for you to get fancy in without spending a fortune. Ted Baker makes a beautiful fitted grey wool suit for an exceptional price. Here’s one of our favorite thin grey ties that’s under $25! A fitted white shirt like this one from Eton should be an investment piece but will see you through for years. Finally, finish the look with these baller white sneakers that we are obsessed with. Well, sir, you’ll be looking like a million bucks in no time so don’t be shocked when your date expects to be picked up in a G5 to jet to Paris for the night. You’re on your own for that!

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-David, Ann Arbor

A: Hi David,

Suspenders tend to be the red headed stepchild when it comes to men’s accessories, as most guys think they are just to be worn with tuxedoes. Glad you’re not most guys! Whether you’re wearing suspenders under a suit or rocking them with a pair of slim-fit jeans, you will most definitely be styling; just leave the belt out of your fashion equation. Trust us, we’re saving you from an Urkel “did I do that” no-no and here’s why: If you were to pair a belt with your suspenders, you would be creating an unfortunate rectangular visual box on your torso…and if you’re like us we’re packing on some holiday weight as we speak! Why not actually use suspenders for their intended purpose? To suspend your pants without the need for a belt. Mind. Blown. Our favorite suspenders: Here is something fun for casualwear and this is our favorite for work. Oh, and for a classic black pair these always do the trick!