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The Florida Panthers are in the Super Bowl, according to Canadian TV

A French-language newscast in Canada made the unfortunate mistake of putting the Florida Panthers in the Super Bowl. 

The Florida Panthers are having a good year, but they’re not having that good a year.

The NHL’s Panthers are leading the Atlantic Division and are in line for their first playoff appearance in four years. They are not, however, playing the Super Bowl, as one French-language newscast in Canada had them.

The Panthers were just as shocked as anyone that they’re supposed to be in San Francisco on Sunday, while the Montreal Canadiens want to see the NFL and NHL’s elder statesmen do battle. 

Five reasons to love or hate the Carolina Panthers

And the Carolina Panthers just got confused.


Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo also took a jab at Peyton Manning’s athleticism.

We can’t even really make fun of the TV producer, though. Americans make this kind of mistake all the time.

- Dan Gartland