Thursday PM Hot Clicks: Jade Albany; Kurt Rambis Loves Classic Rock

Thursday’s P.M. Hot Clicks feature an old-school Kurt Rambis video for his 58th birthday and Jade Albany as the Lovely Lady of the Day. 
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Kurt Rambis Loves Classic Rock

, the interim head coach of the Knicks, turned 58 today.

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Yo Knows Cars

Another day, another pricey car for Yoenis Cespedes. Yo drove his bright red Alfa Romeo to the park on Thursday, one day after he took the fire-breathing Lamborghini. With that in mind, we have five more suggestions for even crazier cars Cespedes can take.

In other Cespedes news, Terry Collins has some serious concerns.

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Another Throwback Thursday

We unearthed these wonderful pictures of Archie Manning from a 1981 Sports Illustrated photo shoot. It’s pretty cool to see him playing golf with Tom Watson and taking care of Eli as a baby.

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P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

has shared a name with the capital of New York. (

Click here for Jade's full-size gallery


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Soccer Style Guide

You can’t play soccer like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo, but you can dress like them

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Not Cool, Ben

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Just How Lazy Are Sportswriters?

Ryan Divish, the Mariners beatwriter for The Seattle Times, decided to take the physical players are subjected to before spring training

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Look at These Photos

The finalists for the Smithsonian photo contest have been announced. You should look at them

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Odds & Ends

Grasshopper Jim Whitney is the Dead Dead Ball Ballplayer of the Week. There are some pretty interesting questions about how he died. ... High schoolers, who are the worst, mocked a rival basketball team by chanting Donald Trump’s name. ... Be sure to check out stellar NBA writer Lee Jenkins’s podcast this week with Meyers Leonard. ... Man, Drake and Rihanna Cannot Stop Grinding. ... Restaurant menus in New York will have warnings about items that contain more than a day’s worth of salt. ... The new kid at school was actually just a Ukrainian guy in his 20’s. ... I posted a bunch of terrible spring training photos last week but apparently there’s a whole Twitter account dedicated to this. ... How does Kanye send those Twitter rants at such blazing speed? ... Hey, Trent Richardson is still in the NFL. ... Gallery: The Night in Sports (Feb. 25), including the incomparable Steph Curry and an amazing last-second stick save by the Philadelphia Flyers.

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Protect the Beverage at All Costs

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Watch Your Head

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