Bears teased Aaron Rodgers's Oscars outfit and it backfired

The Bears attempted to tease Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn about their Oscars outfits, but a former Packer TE came to the quarterback’s defense.
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Aaron Rodgers attended the Oscars with girlfriend Olivia Munn on Sunday night and the couple looked pretty good in their red carpet attire. Rodgers even seemed to have a fine time photobombing Common and grabbing a package of Girl Scout cookies during the event.

However, when he and Munn posed for photos, the Packers NFC North rivals the Bears noticed the couple’s colors looked pretty familiar.

• Roger Federer took a shot of tequila on the Oscars red carpet

Former Green Bay tight end Tom Crabtree spotted the tweet and had a pretty harsh response for Chicago.

Rodgers, who retweeted Crabtree, does have a 12-4 record against the Bears and has thrown for 35 touchdowns against Chicago in his career.

– Brendan Maloy