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Bears teased Aaron Rodgers's Oscars outfit and it backfired

The Bears attempted to tease Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn about their Oscars outfits, but a former Packer TE came to the quarterback’s defense.

Aaron Rodgers attended the Oscars with girlfriend Olivia Munn on Sunday night and the couple looked pretty good in their red carpet attire. Rodgers even seemed to have a fine time photobombing Common and grabbing a package of Girl Scout cookies during the event.

However, when he and Munn posed for photos, the Packers NFC North rivals the Bears noticed the couple’s colors looked pretty familiar.

• Roger Federer took a shot of tequila on the Oscars red carpet

Former Green Bay tight end Tom Crabtree spotted the tweet and had a pretty harsh response for Chicago.

Rodgers, who retweeted Crabtree, does have a 12-4 record against the Bears and has thrown for 35 touchdowns against Chicago in his career.

– Brendan Maloy