Astros pitcher Scott Feldman was just trying to give an interview during Tuesday’s spring training game against the Braves when four teammates in disguise decided to disrupt the proceedings. 

By Extra Mustard
March 23, 2016

There’s nothing baseball players love more than interrupting teammates’ in-game interviews

The Astros gave the interview videobomb a unique twist during Scott Feldman’s interview on Tuesday.

Feldman described the interview crashers as “ninjas,” but they look more like guys just trying to protect themselves from the Florida sun. He even tried to help cool them down. 

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Despite his teammates' best efforts to hide their identities, Feldman was able to tell who was hiding behind each towel. 

And give Feldman credit for being able to keep his cool despite the distraction. That’s the kind of poise you get from a 12-year veteran.

- Dan Gartland

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